Dry Cleaning

Professional Service

Our Dry Cleaning service is carried out professionally by a specialist dry cleaning company and is of a high standard.

With the best possible results in mind all garments are beautifully cared for through at least 6 stages, including spotting, before they are available for collection.

All garments are treated with great care and respect and beautifully returned in ChilworthsÂ’ own smart protective carrier.

Available Quickly

Dry cleaning dropped off before 10.30 am Monday to Saturday is available for collection by 5.30 pm the same day, except in cases of garments requiring special care/attention i.e. garments with beads, embroidery, sequins or of an extremely delicate fabric, or with stains. In such conditions the customer is advised of the method of cleaning, time and costing.

Competitivly Priced

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