Shirt Laundering

Professional Service

Simply the finest shirt service available, consisting of many stages.

Starting with polymarking each shirt, prewash inspection, then spotting, and the most important stage, prewash to the cuff and collar followed by treatment, grading and finally washing. Then the shirt is pressed and meticulously hand finished. The shirt is delivered with or without starch, as the customer so wishes.

Please click on the photos to see a full size of the shirts for collection and the quality of the cleaning and packing etc....


Shirts with standard white buttons are replaced free of charge.

At Chilworths our shirts are returned as good as new.

The choice is yoursÂ….. do you love ironing too much to give it up or would you like to be rid of this chore by leaving it up to the professionals?

Either you can have the shirts beautifully folded (so convenient for travelling where each shirt is individually wrapped, with a card, bow, and protective bag, or ... Shirt Laundry - Folded   You can have the shirts on a hanger; again each shirt comes in a very smart protective carrier. Shirt Laundry - Hung
Competitivly Priced

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