Helpfull Solutions to some common problems
Alcohol Sponge with warm water, then wash with a biological detergent
Ballpoint and Felt-tip Pens Sponge with a little methylated spirit before washing
Blood Soak in cold, salty water. Then wash with a biological detergent.
Candle Wax Lift off any surface wax. Sandwich the affected area with blotting paper and iron over the paper to remove remaining wax. Keep moving the paper so there are always clean sections of blotting paper to absorb the wax. Remove final traces with grease solvent and wash according to label.
Chocolate Scrape off as much as possible; sponge with warm soapy water, rinse and then wash with a biological detergent.
Perspiration Wash stain with weak solution of ammonia, then rinse.
Red Wine Mop up any excess, then cover stain with salt. Sponge the area with warm detergent solution, rinse with cold water and then wash normally.